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Welcome to Island Cruiser Jamaica, the home of fantastic all inclusive resorts and cruises in Jamaica. We want your dream vacation to start right here. We feature only the very finest resorts and hotels to ensure that you book with complete peace of mind. Browse our stunning Jamaica all inclusive resorts today.

Why Vacation In Jamaica?

Looking to get away from the usual vacation? Those trips to see the grandparents can tend to be a little lackluster and we all need a little excitement in our lives, right? How about a change of pace from the typical noisy theme parks? Sure, the adrenaline and rush can be fun, but a new scene is what you need. What better place to go than to Jamaica!!!

Jamaica is well known for its beautiful scenery, warm weather, and sky blue waters – Jamaica is  a heaven on earth. The best news is, it is only a flight away and with Island Cruiser Jamaica we have a great selection of the best all inclusive resorts Jamaica has to offer.

Things To Do In Jamaica

This Caribbean island is flushed with peaks of mountains covered in lush layers of rainforest. The landscape of Jamaica offers a wonderful opportunity to be enjoyed with the family as well as to appreciate the countries stunning scenary; such as the hiking trails of the Blue Mountains. The nature reserves of Royal Palm Reserve and showcasing all the wildlife native to the island. Outlined by the waters of the Montego Bay, the beaches are practically engulfed in beautiful coral reefs.

These same beaches and bays of Jamaica host an array of water activities from scuba diving to snorkeling and even bob-sleighing in Dunn’s River Falls. Not only can you go deep sea diving in the bays and reefs of Jamaica but you can also swim easily with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. You can go water rafting on the Rio Grande; there is even surfing and kite surfing at Long Bay Beach. Enjoy the waterfalls of Dunn’s River Falls where they even have bobsleighing. Bobsledding became a national sport after the Jamaican National Bobsled team gained fame during their debut in the year 1988 Winter Olympics.

Snorkeling, scuba-diving, dolphins and mountains! What if you want to just stay indoors or on some solid ground? Jamaica also has a lavish golf courses for Dad to work on his swing. The White Witch of Rose Hall has a beautiful golf course to tee off on. Jamaica’s history is filled with a British colonial influence, especially in the architecture. See this and even more of Jamaica’s invigoratingly colorful history at the museums they have erected across the island.

One museum in particular which is a must to visit is the Bob Marley Museum. A child of Jamaica and its most heralded son, there is an entire building dedicated to the life and art of Reggae superstar and legend Bob Marley in the capital of the island, Kingston.

The Devon House Heritage Site is one of Jamaica’s leading monuments and symbols of the cultural diversity on the island. The National Heroes Park is another historical monument, 50 acres of the botanical gardens, the largest open space in Kingston and is also the burial site of Jamaica’s national heroes, prime ministers, and the cultural leaders.

Places To Stay In Jamaica

Jamaica is truly a beautiful island with too much to offer from weddings and honeymoon accommodation, to family vacations, and spontaneous romantic getaways. Not only is this the perfect host for nature and outdoor enjoyment but Jamaica also hosts some of the best hotel and all inclusive resorts in the whole world. The Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall is a 5 star hotel; an all-inclusive resort that holds itself to a standard of pure luxury and comfort. There are even family friendly and the affordable resorts like the Legends Beach Resort which sits at the bay of the western coast of the Jamaica. Beaches Negril is situated near the famous Negril lighthouse, and not only is this an all-inclusive resort, but it also has a spa for mom or wife to greatly enjoy a relaxing, stress-free day to themselves.

From the historical monuments to a botanical gardens, beautiful coral reefs and the lighthouses, Jamaica is the most perfect location to vacate any time of the year. The home of Reggae music and the king of Reggae, Bob Marley. With beautiful weather and beaches, golf courses and affordable resorts, make Jamaica your favorite paradise. So do not wait, book your perfect vacation today with us.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of the best all inclusive resorts Jamaica has to offer in this video;

Jamaican Hotels and Cruises-Prime Attraction of People Visiting Jamaica

Jamaican Hotels and Cruises-Prime Attraction of People Visiting Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the liveliest places around the world, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations for the travelers from all over the world. Jamaica is known for its wonderful beaches and perfect place to get a nice sunbath along the beautiful beaches. Jamaica is a lovely island with lots of attractions and places to visit. It is a big island and offers very best of the hotels and cruises to make your holidays memorable and special. Hotel Facilities are great which is accompanied by guest houses and inns. You can get everything you want in terms of accommodation.

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